Recycling & Waste Reduction: In an effort to assist in maintaining San Francisco’s mandated waste reduction goals of 75% waste diversion from landfills for all of San Francisco, Hills Plaza has implemented a co-mingled recycling, retail/restaurant composting and overall waste reduction program. Every tenant’s involvement is crucial to the success of these important waste reduction goals. Here is a short outline of the program:

  • Each occupant has a blue recyclable desk side bin with a small movable side caddy for trash
    • The lined caddy is for non-recyclables, such as: food containers, straws, gum, tissue, coffee cup tops
    • The unlined blue recycle bin is for paper, cardboard, empty cups, bottles & cans
  • Copy rooms should have unlined blue recycle bins
  • Kitchens should have unlined recycle bins, lined black trash bins and lined compost bins

Please click here to download the Complete Hills Plaza Recycling Program
Please click here for what is and is not considered a recyclable
Please click here for what is considered trash
Please click here for composting guidelines

Thank you for your participation and support of our recycling program!

E-Waste: Hills Plaza sponsors an e-waste recycling service for the following:

  • Batteries
  • CDs/DVDs
  • Cell phones
  • Ink cartridges (NOT toner)
  • Plastic bags
  • and more (check website)

A free electronics pick-up is scheduled for the 4th Wednesday of every month. To schedule your pick up please go to the vendor website: (office building tenant portal) to schedule your suite for pick-up services.