The Tenant Services section of the website is designed to provide you with guidelines and information on quality tenant services at Hills Plaza. Jones Lang LaSalle employs a highly trained professional team to ensure that your expectations of quality in operating and servicing the property are met. On a nationwide basis, we have access to an extensive and specialized support staff consisting of experts in management, engineering and construction. Local organization and attention to detail in combination with the support staff help maintain the highest level of efficiency and keep the building running smoothly.

As part of our management responsibility, Jones Lang LaSalle’s program of standard services promotes the first class image of your company and Hills Plaza. These include:

  • Premier office cleaning
  • Public area maintenance
  • Building systems maintenance
  • Elevator service
  • Routine maintenance items such as light bulb replacement, hot and cold calls, and HVAC service

Jones Lang LaSalle also coordinates requests for many other special services. In many cases your requests can be handled the same day we are notified. When we can do the work with in-house, on-site personnel, the advantages are many and include:

  • Quality work
  • Convenience
  • Quick response
  • Follow-up
  • Lower cost

When extensive services are needed, such as remodeling or redecorating, Jones Lang LaSalle has the capability and stands ready to coordinate the work from beginning to end. During the process we thoroughly review your objectives with you and develop a set of guidelines that fulfill those objectives. Upon your approval of a proposal, we coordinate your business needs with the contractor and supervise the work to completion. While many basic needs can be filled by the Hills Plaza Team, the Building also has arrangements with several designated contractors who provide reliable service at competitive prices due to the volume of work that the Building and Jones Lang LaSalle are able to offer the contractor. Prior to any services being performed, written approval must be obtained by the Management Office from the Tenant. Please call the Management Office at 415.777.3345 if you would like additional information.