Flooding can cause significant damage to the building and its contents, as well as pose a threat to building occupants. This section focuses on flooding that can result from severe heavy rain or water main breaks.

For weather-related flooding, look for distant thunder from a faraway thunderstorm headed in the direction of the City as well as water rising rapidly. The following terms are used by the National Weather Service to describe and predict various flood events:

  • Flash flood or flood statement – This is follow-up information regarding a flash flood/flood event.
  • Flash flood or flood watch – Flash flooding or flooding is possible within the designated WATCH area. Be alert. Heavy rains that may cause sudden flash flooding in specific areas even without visual warnings.
  • Flash flood or flood warning – Flash flooding or flooding has been reported or is imminent. Immediate movement to high ground is imperative and evacuation of Hills Plaza may be called.

If a flood is predicted, the Management Office may evacuate the building. However, once the flood begins, occupants will be urged to stay in the building, as it is much safer than the streets.