Bomb Threats

Bombs can be constructed to look like almost anything and can be placed or delivered in a number of ways. Similarly, bomb threats are delivered in a variety of ways. Do not ignore the threat. REMAIN CALM - this could result in ascertaining more useful information.


Some suspicious items include:

  • Letters that are unusually bulky or heavy.
  • Parcels or envelopes with chemical or oil stains.
  • Parcels or envelopes without a return address.
  • Parcels or envelopes with foreign postmarks.
  • Parcels or envelopes that simply do not look or feel ordinary.

If a bomb or bomb threat has been delivered, call 911 immediately and take direction from the police or bomb squad. Notify the Management Office 415.777.3345.

The most common threats are made by direct telephone contact. In the event that a bomb threat is received, the recipient of the call shall follow the guidelines outlined in this section. Obtain as much information as possible and be prepared to relate this to the Police Department.

Use the Bomb Threat Checklist in this section as a guide for collecting information needed by the authorities.

After the caller hangs up or a written threat has been received:

  • Notify a supervisor or manager in your immediate area.
  • Notify the Management Office at 415.777.3345.
  • If necessary, notify the San Francisco Police Department Bomb Squad 911.
  • The Police Department and/or the Management Office will give the order to evacuate, if necessary.
  • Identify a Search Team and visually identify any unfamiliar people or objects and point these out to the police or emergency team (see below).
  • Notify the Management Office of these objects. Never disturb a suspicious object.
  • Remain available to the Management Office and/or city and follow their instructions.
  • After searching, tenants are not allowed to re-enter the space until cleared by city officials.

The Search Team can follow these recommended steps for interior and exterior searching:

  • Enter the specific room/area reportedly containing the suspicious package, and stop and listen for background noises.
  • Divide the room by height for execution of the search. Start from bottom and work up. The height categories can be (a) floor to waist; (b) waist to chin; (c) chin to ceiling; and (d) ceiling.
  • Assign areas to the search team (two-person search team); search by height, and overlap for better coverage. Start back to back and search toward each other. Place “SEARCH” sticker or Post It note 2 feet from the floor to indicate the search was completed in the specific area or use a colored tape over the doorjamb.
  • Extend search to internal public areas. Go around the walls and proceed toward the center of the area.
  • Report the location and accurate description of the object to the Management Office. If a suspicious item is located follow these precautions:
    • DO NOT handle the item.
    • DO NOT attempt to open the parcel.
    • DO NOT remove any binding material.
    • DO NOT pull or cut any material that protrudes.
  • Contact the addressee of the suspect package (if in clear sight) for identification and verification of the item.
  • Identify and block off the danger area of at least 300 feet above, below, and adjacent to the object.
  • Evacuate, if determined by Police Department.