You move through The Electronic Tenant® Handbook just as you would a traditional Internet site. The Home Page or Table of Contents provides links to various Chapters. Upon entering a Chapter, links to specific information are provided in Sub-Sections. You may return to the Table of Contents or Chapter Overview by clicking the appropriate link on every page.

Special Features

This Electronic Tenant® Handbook has special features such as a Forms section that allows tenants to download and print administrative forms. In order to be able to use these features, it is recommended that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher installed on your computer. This software is free and easy to use. To obtain the software for free, click here.


The Electronic Tenant® Handbook is updated on a regular basis. Please be sure to continuously check back for updates and new information. In order to keep you informed about Hills Plaza, we have included a Building Calendar and Announcement Board. Here, you will find information regarding scheduled maintenance and events taking place at the Hills Plaza.