Introduction Bomb Threats Civil Disturbance Crime and Security Threats Earthquakes Elevator Malfunction Emergency Contacts Evacuation Fire Fire and Life Safety Fire Life Safety Training Video Flooding Gas Leak Lost and Found Medical Emergency Power Failure Severe Weather Tenant Emergency Teams Water Leak
Chapter Overview
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Introduction: This section provides an overview of the emergency procedures in place at Hills Plaza.

Bomb Threats: This section provides tenants with procedures for handling a bomb threat.

Civil Disturbance: This section provides instructions on what to do should a riot occur.

Crime and Security Threats: This section provides procedures for handling criminal and security threats.

Earthquakes: This section provides safety information in the rare occurance of an earthquake.

Elevator Malfunction: This section provides instructions on what to do should an elevator malfunction occur.

Emergency Contacts: This section provides information on who to call in case of an emergency at Hills Plaza.

Evacuation: This section provides important instructions should a building evacuation become necessary.

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