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Hills Plaza

  Water Leak

A water leak in any building can be extremely disruptive and a potentially dangerous situation.

Typically, should a water leak occur, it will affect either an isolated area of the building or some larger portion of the building.

Please follow the following steps in the event of a water leak:

  • Contact SFFD/911 - provide location information (see below)*
  • Notify the Building by calling 415-777-3345
  • If you are instructed to evacuate, the Floor Wardens must conduct a proper evacuation, pursuant to this manual and instructions given by the Management Office or SFFD.
  • Do not congregate in lobby areas or in the street; proceed to your meeting location as designated by the Floor Warden.

Location: 345 Spear or 2 Harrison

*Identify Location of Leak: Building, Floor, Quad, Column, or area description (6th floor cafeteria)

Flow of water: Weak (drips), Strong (steady stream, rapid dripping), etc.

Note: Tenant representative should report to safe area to meet SFFD or responder to aide in providing location or source.

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