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Hills Plaza

  Elevator Malfunction

The elevators at Hills Plaza are equipped with a variety of features designed to ensure the safety of passengers during normal operation, during a malfunction of the equipment or other emergency that may affect operation. On occasion, they do malfunction even though they are properly maintained. This section addresses an elevator malfunction coupled with an entrapment.

If passengers get trapped in an elevator, it is considered an emergency. Qualified elevator personnel will respond, as they have the expertise, experience, and training to handle these complex situations in which a rescue may be involved. Never attempt to extricate a trapped person in an elevator.

In case of an entrapment or emergency in the elevator:

  • Press the Emergency Call button to establish constant voice communication with the Duty Security Officer.
  • If the elevator stops between floors and the door opens, press the Emergency Call button. Stay in the car. Do not try to climb out or jump to the floor below. Do not try to pry open the doors as it may cause additional damage to the equipment that could prolong the emergency.
  • Stay calm and wait for help to arrive. If there is an extended wait, sit on the floor and either look up or ahead so that you will feel less confined.
  • Follow the instructions of the Management Office or building staff.

The Management Office will advise the passenger that:

  • They are safe and should remain calm.
  • Help is on the way to assess the cause and to safely remove them.
  • They should stay away from the elevator doors.
  • It is very dangerous to try to force open the doors.
  • If door is open even partially near a floor, it is extremely dangerous to leave the car.
  • We will be contacting the passenger at regular intervals to keep them informed of the status of rescue efforts.

The Management Office shall ask some/all of the following key questions to gather information and to ease the potential anxiety. The answers to these questions will advise the elevator mechanics and engineers of the situation inside the car and provide information to decide the best approach to solving the problem. Questions during initial contact may include:

  • How many passengers are trapped?
  • What are the passenger names and suite locations?
  • Are the passengers calm or experiencing any physical difficulties?
  • Do any of the passengers have medical conditions that might affect their release?
  • Are the lights functioning within the car?
  • Is any call button lit on the panel? If so, which ones?
  • Is there a floor number displayed on the floor position indicator?
  • Is there anyone that the passengers would like us to notify for them?
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