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The building is designed to withstand most earthquakes. It is safer inside the building than outside. Should a major earthquake occur, Floor Wardens will be responsible for maintaining a calm atmosphere on their floors.

Before an Earthquake

  • Ask Building Engineers to properly secure all tall cabinets, shelving and other items that might fall.
  • Maintain extra water, food and first aid supplies.

During an Earthquake

  • Move away from the window and glass doors.
  • Stay clear of file cabinets and shelves.
  • Take cover under a desk or table, or crouch down and brace against a wall if in a hallway. Stay there until building movement subsides.
  • Remain calm and try to calm others.
  • Be alert for aftershocks.

After an Earthquake

  • Floor Wardens should search floors to locate injured persons and possible fire.
  • Floor Wardens should gather information on injured persons and notify the Management Office 415.777.3345.
  • You are probably safer in the building than on the street. Stay where you are unless absolutely necessary. Do not use stairways or elevators until you are officially advised these means of egress are safe.
  • It will take some time to check the complex, and to ascertain the extent of damage sustained.
  • All elevators will be shut down, and non-operative. There is a seismic safety circuit which will send the elevator to the nearest floor, open the doors and park at that location. The elevators will remain in this mode until the elevator technicians can inspect the shafts and elevators for safe operation, prior to placing them back into service.
  • Do not use bathrooms until pipes have been checked.
  • Do not use candles, matches or other open flames.
  • Building management will keep you informed of the situation via the Public Address System.

Off Shore Earthquake - Tsunami Warning

In case of an off-shore earthquake and risk of Tsunami; please listen for announcements from a representative of the building. We will be in touch with the National Weather Service and other emergency alert organizations for instruction. We may request for tenants to seek higher ground or for them to stay in place. You are probably safer in the building than outside on the streets. Please do not panic.


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