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  Medical Emergency

In the event of an injury or accident of a person in the building, ascertain as much information as possible and follow these general steps:

  • Do not move the injured or ill person or assist them without proper training.
  • Quickly check for breathing pattern, blood, and the presence of any jewelry indicating medical information.
  • Keep the victim warm, comfortable, and calm.
  • Notify the Floor Warden
  • If needed, contact an ambulance (911) and provide:
    • The nature of the emergency
    • Floor number
    • Specific location of injured/ill person on the floor
    • State of consciousness
    • Respiratory state
    • Injured or ill person’s name, if known
    • Any medical inscriptions
  • Notify the Management Office 415.777.3345.
  • Dispatch one person to the Management Office or the Security Console in the lobby.

Upon arrival of the paramedics, the Management Office staff shall receive the paramedics at the entrance closest to the medical emergency and escort them to the correct location.

Ambulance Services

The Fire Department Ambulance Service (dial 911) will automatically take the patient to the nearest medical facility.

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