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Hills Plaza maintains elevators to tenant floors, service elevators and elevators to the parking levels. These elevators are open during normal business hours and accessible to tenants during non-business hours by using their access cards. All elevators are maintained with the highest standards and should never be tampered with by any tenants.

Please utilize the service elevators when moving boxes, carts or furniture. Construction workers should also be advised to use the service elevators when traveling within the building.

Service Elevator Dimensions:

  345 Spear
Car #1
350 Embarcadero
Car #8
2 Harrison
Car #4
Door 3’4” W x 6’11” H 3’4” W x 6’11” H 3’4” W x 6’11” H
Floor to Ceiling Height 10’0” 8’6” 10’6”
Inside Dimensions 7’0” W x 5’8” Deep 6’4” W x 5’0” Deep 7’10” W x 5’6” Deep
Capacity 4,500 lbs. 3,500 lbs. 4,000 lbs.

*Refer to these dimensions whenever you plan to move.

The elevators at Hills Plaza are equipped with a variety of features designed to ensure the safety of passengers during normal operation, during a malfunction of the equipment or other emergency that may affect operation. On occasion, they do malfunction even though they are properly maintained. This section addresses an elevator malfunction coupled with an entrapment.

If passengers get trapped in an elevator, it is considered an emergency. Qualified elevator personnel will respond, as they have the expertise, experience, and training to handle these complex situations in which a rescue may be involved. Never attempt to extricate a trapped person in an elevator.

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