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What is an “emergency?” It is any event that jeopardizes the tenants, the contents, and/or the physical structure of the building.

The primary role of all building tenants in an emergency is to know what to do when an emergency occurs and how to react appropriately. The purpose of the Emergency Procedures is to provide the tenants with critical information and procedures that include not only the basics of responding to an emergency but also the following:

  • Details on effective and accurate team communications
  • Specific procedures for evacuations as a result of a fire, smoke, or power failure
  • Procedures for isolated events such as a medical or an elevator emergency

Hills Plaza is equipped with a number of life safety and building automation systems that are capable of rapidly detecting certain types of emergencies such as the presence of fire and smoke, a power failure or an elevator failure. Early detection can make a difference between a small incident and a major catastrophe. While early detection is key; quick, confident responses by the tenants of an impending or immediate emergency is essential. This comes from preparation and training, which eliminates unnecessary calls to city authorities.

It is very important that each tenant and respective members of the tenant emergency team thoroughly understand his/her role and the roles of the other team members. The Management Office should be notified of the names of these coordinators, as they will be contacted regarding building safety procedures.

The Management Office schedules an evacuation drill annually for each building, which all tenants are required to attend and is approved by the San Francisco Fire Department. If, however, additional instruction is needed, the Management Office is available to assist you with organizing specific practice emergency evacuations sessions for your designated employees. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Management Office at 415.777.3345.

Major Building Closure

In the event of a major building closure or major San Francisco area emergency, building information will be recorded at this toll-free number accessible throughout the United States, 800-357-3345

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