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Hills Plaza

  Media Inquiries

When a major crisis occurs that is likely to draw media and public attention to the property, the Jones Lang LaSalle Emergency Team is prepared to provide honest, accurate information to the media in a timely manner. Our Team is prepared to assist the media in every way possible, but not to the extent that such assistance infringes on a Tenant’s rights or hinders the Team’s ability to handle the crisis at hand.

Two Jones Lang LaSalle team members will have primary responsibility for dealing with the media on behalf of Hills Plaza, the General Manager and the Assistant General Manager. The General Manger will deliver all public statements and conduct all interviews. The Assistant General Manager will assist the General Manager in dealing with the media and, with the help of security, monitoring their access to the property. As soon as possible after a crisis occurs, the General Manager and the Assistant General Manager will gather the necessary facts concerning the incident and draft a statement for the media.

Jones Lang LaSalle’s statement to the media should include only those facts that are necessary and relevant to the incident. The statement will typically include the following:

  • What happened (e.g., a fire)
  • Where (e.g., on the 4th floor)
  • When (e.g., 10:00 a.m.)
  • Who (e.g., Name of building – release Tenant’s name only if permission has been received)
  • How & why (These questions involve speculation, therefore it is our policy to report that the case is under investigation.)
  • Injuries/Damage (If there have been injuries, deaths or significant damage, this can be acknowledged as long as the information is confirmed – no names will be released.)

Statements will only be released to the media if they specifically request the information. As new or updated information is received, the Jones Lang LaSalle Emergency Team will work with their Corporate Legal Counsel and their supervisors and, if appropriate, release it to the media.

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