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Hills Plaza


Building Hours and Contractor Requirements

Weekdays - 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The building is accessible after hours with card keys. For keys, see the Management Office. Hills Plaza is a Union Building, allowing Union Contractors only to work on the premises.

Propping of Doors

No propping open of exterior doors, gates or of interior doors such as electrical and mechanical rooms is permitted. For keys, see the Management Office.

Hours of Elevator Usage

You may have access to a service elevator for lifting materials during the following low-volume hours only.
Weekdays: Before 7:00 a.m.; After 6:00 p.m.

Protection of Elevator Interiors

Notify the Management Office 48 hours before the elevator will be used for materials and/or freight. Management will have the paneled elevator walls blanketed. All elevator surfaces except true ceiling need to be covered. Any scratching of elevators, grooves, walls and/or doors will be at contractors’ expense. The contractor will also be required to lay down masonite and/or corner and wall protection.


Any damage to any public area including, but not limited to, restrooms, lobbies, tenant doors, and elevators, will be billed to the contractor.


See the Management Office for keys. All keys will be returned within 48 hours after the work is completed. Lost keys and key cards are $15.00 as well as lost or damaged card keys. Contractor will be responsible for all re-keying charges if contractor loses the construction master key.

Building Staff

The services of any building staff or the building vendor’s may NOT be solicited. Such services may be requested through the Management Office if needed. The only exception to this is a request to open a door that is needed or to help in the use of a key.

The building staff is not to be called upon to clean up after vendors, to help with loads, etc. Any use of building staff other than their actual jobs will be billed back with a 15% administrative fee.

Please leave an emergency phone number, your pager number and job site number with the Management Office the FIRST day of your work on-site.

Fire Sprinkler or Fire Equipment Work

No work may be done on any fire sprinkler or any other fire equipment without 48 hours notice to the Management Office.

Painting and Noise

On occupied floors, painting may take place only after 6:00 p.m. and before 8:00 a.m. weekdays and all day weekends. Varnishing of any kind can only take place with 2 full days for air circulation before the next regular business day. AIR must be requested to be on all night the night of any painting/varnishing.

No demolition or other noise producing activities on occupied or unoccupied floors will take place during business hours. All “trash” will be disposed of by the contractor and will not be put into garage bins. Contractor will be billed back for same, if this occurs.

Care will be taken to remove trash from the building without dropping it into elevator grooves, on lobby, or in garage areas.


The roof is off limits unless a mechanical tie-in is in process. Doors to the roof and stairwells must be closed at night.

Janitorial Services

There is no janitorial service on a floor if the entire floor is being built-out. You are responsible for cleaning the restrooms and providing paper products. Do not use the restroom on other floors. Contractors and Subs should not be on other floors and/or roof.

Check In/Out

All Contractors/Subs are to check in and out daily with the Management Office.

Use of Lobby

  • Keep as professional and quiet as possible.
  • No yelling in lobby / no radios.
  • No doors may be propped open.
  • Oil any squeaky wheels so as not to cause undue noise in lobby and in corridors.
  • Clean up any debris caused by deliveries on driveway and parking adjacent to your delivery and/or trucks.
  • Do NOT use steps with hand carts. Concrete will chip and you will be back charged.
  • Any part of the lobby or elevators which could get damaged or will receive heavy materials will be your responsibility to protect.
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