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Hills Plaza

  After Hours Access

Vendors and Contractors

In special cases where you have vendors or contractors (carpet cleaning, installation of computer equipment, etc.) coming in after-hours or on the weekends, you must notify the Management Office by email
(nolan.buttner@hillsplazasf.com and kelly.mcdermott@hillsplazasf.com). Please include the name of the company coming, the date, and the approximate time. Also give a brief description of what they will be doing. Request that the individual(s) have some form of identification to present to the guard on duty. The vendor will need to provide a valid Certificate of Insurance to the Management Office before coming on site. Insurance requirements are listed in Insurance Requirements – Policies and Procedures. Please note that the guard does not have the authority to let vendors or contractors into tenant spaces.

As hard as we try, there are still occasions when we may need to escort an unwanted visitor from Hills Plaza or to investigate a theft. The inconvenience caused by these situations can be minimized if the correct procedures are observed.

Security Cards

To control access to the tenant spaces outside of normal business hours, a security card system is used. Access cards are required for any individual to enter Hills Plaza outside of normal business hours. Tenants should also carry the correct key or access badge to their suite. The security guard will not be available to provide you with access outside of normal business hours.


Visitors who require access to Hills Plaza after-hours will utilize a hands free intercom at the building lobby entrances. Once inside the building, after-hours access to the tenant spaces will require checking in at the Security Desk located in each lobby. Upon confirmation from the tenant they are visiting, visitors will be allowed access to the elevators.

For further protection, neither the Management Office nor the security guard is permitted to accept any deliveries.

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