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Tenant Emergency Teams
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Emergency Evacuation Teams shall act on the direction of the Floor Wardens and Assistant Floor Warden(s) and shall consist of a Searcher, Stairwell Monitor, Evacuation Assistant, and Elevator Monitor as designated volunteers by the Floor Warden (or Assistant). The team members will know the locations of all stairwell exits leading from occupied areas, and lead emergency evacuations and drills from occupied areas as directed by a Floor Warden to the relocation area.

Searchers, at the direction of the Floor Warden or Assistant Floor Warden, shall:

  • Find and evacuate all personnel from his/her designated area.
  • Searchers shall direct all personnel to the stairwell.
  • While the Floor Warden is evacuating the space, check all rooms including coffee rooms, restrooms, storage rooms, coat closets, conference rooms, reception areas, and remote areas on the floor.
  • The Searchers must close but not lock all doors after being checked.
  • After checking these rooms, the Searcher must place the “SEARCHED” stickers on the lower third of each closed door. Colored adhesive PostItTM notes can be used as an alternate.
  • Advise any remaining personnel on the floor of the emergency and insist on their evacuation.
  • Evacuate non-employees found on the floor.
  • Report to Floor Warden when his/her area is clear.

Stairwell Monitors, at the direction of the Floor Warden or Assistant Floor Warden:

  • Inspect stairwell entry for the presence of heat or smoke before allowing anyone to pass. If the primary stairwell is impacted or obstructed by fire or smoke, then redirect evacuees to the secondary stairwell.
  • Take a position at his/her assigned stairwell exit post and lead personnel down the stairs to the relocation area.
  • Direct personnel to form a single-file line into the stairwell exit and instruct them to exit only along the right side of the stairwell to allow for fire personnel to pass.
  • Supervise and monitor the evacuation flow while remaining calm and orderly, including prohibiting evacuees from carrying food and drink products into the hallways and stairwells.

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