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Fire and Life Safety
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The exit stairwells are pressurized and act as a safe haven in the event of a fire. There are five exit stairwells at 345 Spear and two exit stairwells at 2 Harrison.

  • 345 Spear: Stairwell number 1 exits onto Spear Street, stairwell numbers 2, 3, and 4 on Folsom Street and stairwell number 5 exits onto the Embarcadero.
  • 2 Harrison: Stairwells exit on the plaza.

Should an alarm sound on your floor, you must follow the instructions of your Floor Warden and calmly walk down the exit stairwell and exit the building to your predetermined meeting spot.

Fire Extinguishers

Multi-purpose dry chemical fire extinguishers are located throughout each floor. These should be used only in case of a small trash can fire. They weigh approximately twelve pounds and are easily handled ONLY if you are trained and knowledgeable in the use of extinguishers. Please do NOT attempt to use a fire extinguisher unless you have had proper training. Never attempt to “control” a fire.

  • Do NOT use the extinguisher if the fire is spreading beyond the immediate area.
  • Do NOT use an extinguisher if the fire could block your escape route.

Fire Valves and Standpipe Connections

Fire hose and standpipe connections are for use by the San Francisco Fire Department. Fire hose connections are located on all floors in each exit stairwell. Standpipe connections are located outside the building on Spear Street, Folsom Street and Embarcadero Street and Harrison Street and are used by the Fire Department to connect their hoses to fight a fire if water pressure is lost from the City.

Fire Doors

All exit doors at stairwells are fired rated doors. Please never prop these doors open.

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